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All star sports band

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The All Star Sports Band can provide the musical entertainment to enhance the complete experience you want for your sporting event.

Dressed in replica team strips promoting your club or sport our band will play appropriate songs or pieces of music associated with your sporting event and, if applicable, directly to specific clubs.
About The Star Sports Band For match days, tournaments or meetings we can provide pre-match entertainment for receptions or strolling in and around the stadium and on the pitch if required. We can lead out the teams to club anthems and play national anthems or songs for international events. We can provide incidental musical entertainment at appropriate points during the event, such as half-time intervals and finally at the end for presentations and celebrations!

Without a doubt, one of the most important jobs at any sporting event is the entertainment off the field of play! There's nothing worse than having a great venue, a great game, a fantastic audience and poor entertainment line-up. With The All Star Sports Band to take the lead, you are guaranteed a fun and energetic atmosphere from start to finish!

No matter what sporting event you're attending, our mix of well-known songs and sports anthems will get the fans excited and pumped up and the right song at the right time can change the mood of the crowd, psyche up the players and, in some cases, determine who wins or loses.
About The Star Sports Band
About The Star Sports Band

The All Star Sports Band's range of music is targeted at each sport but there are a number of songs that work for any function, like crowd favourites at football, club songs and national anthems.

Some of the songs we perform you have bound to have heard while in attendance at a sporting event or you may have heard them during a television broadcast of the game.

Our brass and drum band play music that entertains, amuses, stirs emotions and adds to the atmosphere. Our band will hopefully inspire fans to want to strap on their sports kit and take on their greatest rivals themselves! Sports anthems are as much a part of the game as the greatest players...whatever you call them, The All Star Sports Band are an addictive addition to your live event!
All star sports band

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